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for industry and manual trades

Cable manufacturing with individual labelling of each wire and many additional options – it doesn’t get easier than this. We offer you individual cable assembly that matches your parameters exactly, e.g. implementation of cabling, length of soldering.

Our products save you time , allow for more security when cabling, and typically remove the need to read the circuit diagram.

Maximum quality

thanks to modern manufacturing technology

While many areas of manufacturing, production, or development take advantage of automated processes, most cable harness manufacturers still count on manual labour for many tasks. This is partly due to the very customised cabling and connecting that takes place, which can only be done by hand.

Thanks to modern manufacturing technology, you can rely on WusTec to professionally implement all aspects of your cable assembly. Our client-specific cable assembly includes a large spectrum of services, from labelling to component assembly. Production can be based on samples, drawings, or parts lists.

WusTec ensures maximum quality during production of special contacts, such as with bandaging, bundling the wires, and assembling the components. This is why continuous training of our employees is such an important part of work at WusTec.

Comprehensive service

around cable assembly

With our service, wiring needs significantly less time because the individual wires are labelled with the start and end points. Assembling a circuit cabinet can therefore be done without consulting a circuit diagram. Printing with inkjet or laser, however, is only one of our many offers for electrical wires. Manufacturing areas at WusTec in overview.


  • by laser or inkjet
  • all cables receive the correct cabling information
  • even the smallest cable quantity can be labelled
  • reduces your mistake quota, increases your competitive advantage


  • rounded and sequential bundles sorted according to individual needs
  • cut exactly to length and labelled with the desired contacts
  • exact labelling with junction name, direction, source, etc.

Wire end sleeves

  • fully automated manufacturing of wire end sleeves – crimping up to 16mm2 cable cross-section
  • larger cross-sections require partially automated crimping

Ultrasonic compression

  • compression by ultrasonic-compacted copper wiring
  • creates a long-term, stable, and all-metal connection
  • no contact resistance, since wire end sleeves are not necessary

Special contacts

  • a large selection is available in stock
  • production of special contacts is also available in combination with labelling and bundling


  • according to individual needs
  • assembly of complex cable harnesses with installation-ready bandages of all cables
  • assembly includes crimping, soldering, manufacturing of partial component groups, and the use of fabric tape, according to final use, among others

Component assembly

  • the professional comprehensive solution for cable assembly
  • comprehensive assortment of standardised components allows for efficient assembly
  • component assembly from a single piece to complete series

Cable assembly with WusTec – we offer the optimal system solution

Whether manual or completely automated processes – with WusTec, you always have a competent partner for all your cable assembly concerns. Based on current technical standards, we offer you a complete spectrum of professional cable assembly.

Also utilize our know-how as a cable harness manufacturer and take advantage of our significantly faster installation times.