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Circuit cabinets protect and integrate electric components and electronic controls, without which modern industry would not be able to function. It is increasingly necessary to have more components in small spaces and to reliably connect them. The biggest challenges are in supplying customised circuit cabinets swiftly and affordably. As specialists for fully automated wire assembly, we are integral to engineering and installation.

Advantages of automated wire assembly

Regardless if switch gear construction is your core business or if you take care of your own production as an internal service provider: You should use the potential of automated wire assembly. The process not only increases efficiency and quality over manual wiring, but it also ensures a high level of service due to its reactive process.

This is why wire assembly breaks with traditional sequential processes. Here, experts first create a suitable circuit diagram for electronic tasks and then plan the order of the components. With the circuit documents, they can then carry out the assembly and wiring by hand. Ordering material, reading the circuit diagram, and diagnostics all require time and are prone to mistakes in the process.

Integrate us as external partners for your wire assembly – this allows you to receive cut-to-length and assembly-ready, bundled braids. We also print the start and end points on the soldered and crimped junctions. When mounting the circuit cabinet, there’s no need to read tedious circuit diagrams. This saves valuable time and discourages mistakes. Because the cables already have the correct length and are equipped with the necessary preparation of the junctions in the form of end sleeves or ultrasonic compression, there is no waste when the cables are put in place. This way, you can keep the manual wiring as efficient as possible while optimising time and resources.

Wire assembly proceeds as follows

CAE- and CAD-supported development process

Rely on a CAE- and CAD-supported development process when planning the circuit cabinet – this makes it especially easy to integrate the automatic wire assembly. This is because the preparation of the actual wire assembly – cutting of individual braids, soldering, crimping or ultrasonic compression, printing and bundling – begins before the circuit cabinet physically exists.

Based on a CAD model of the circuit cabinet and the connection list, we can calculate the necessary cable lengths for the connecting components with software. Should the contents of the circuit cabinet change, the routing can be adjusted and optimised. From there, the individual parameters for every braid, such as cross-section, length, soldering, and end sleeves, make it to the assembly machine. The device prepares the wires according to the specifications. Now there are only two important steps missing that represent a huge advantage to automatic wire assembly: Printing and bundling. The terminal prints the start and end points on every wire and bundles the cables for shipping. The best option is the sequential bundle which arranges wires in the order of their assembly on a sticker.

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Challenges for switchgear construction are growing. Clients expect the best service in the form of short reaction times for individual circuit cabinet orders and attractive prices. In the future, optimal configuration of processes for engineering and assembly of circuit cabinets will become even more important. Fully automated wire assembly, carried out by a specialist, can help solve this dilemma. Our assembly-ready braids save time and waste, and discourage mistakes when wiring.