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Digitisation is the sweeping answer to the question: What concepts can be used to reach even higher levels of efficiency regarding already exploited value creation processes? This is especially true of switchgear construction. Through the consequent use of digital methods in engineering and automation technology in production, new perspectives can be created. You can expect positive outcomes for all critical performance characteristics. Quality and delivery times benefit, as well as your cost structure.

These are the advantages brought on by digitising the circuit cabinet assembly

The core idea behind digitisation can be found in the creation of an integrated platform for processing a customer’s order. When assembling a circuit cabinet, this can mean: Should your customers have any particular needs, your engineering team will clarify these issues with the them. Then, the software supported planning and construction phase will follow. Standard orders can also be processed via an online configuration tool with a CAD interface. Once the appropriate circuit diagram has been created for the electrotechnical task, construction can begin. Now, the measurements of the circuit cabinet are defined, as well as the components to be installed, their positions, wire length, cabling, and routing. The necessary proof of adherence to norms can also be exported.

Based on this information, the production of the housing takes place parallel to the manufacturing of the cords. A fully automated processing centre drills and mills sections or cuts threads in flat materials and prefabricated housing blanks. Simultaneously, the fully automated cable manufacturing machine prepares the individual cords. It then takes them from wire storage, cuts them to length, and – after skinning – adds the ferrules and proper identification based on existing information. The machine can assemble the finished cables into a sequence bundle according to the installation order. Now, the manual placement of the circuit cabinet begins, followed by wiring the components. Thanks to the toolless installation of the prepared cords, duly marked with start and end points, the process is faster and more accurate.

Wire assembly offers special potential

more than efficient

The large potential of digitisation not only lies in time saved thanks to parallel-running — as opposed to sequential — processes. The wire assembly becomes independent from the duration of the order or manufacturing of the housing and parts. The final wire list can be determined once the circuit documents with the circuit cabinet layout and connection list are digitally available.

Another potential can be found in cooperation with partners outside of one’s own company. Digital processes allow you to use the advantages of a modern supply chain network. Through us, you can also involve a partner specialised in wire assembly. We deliver ready-to-install cord sets while you focus on your independent specialisation, be it engineering, component manufacturing, final installation, or circuit cabinet programming.

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Basis for company-wide cooperation

In order to benefit from digitisation, you need to be prepared to make some of your data more transparent. This is the only way to fully benefit from the time and efficiency advantages of the parallel processing of tasks by specialized process partners. Data exchange in real time offers additional advantages: If changes in the order of housing components are necessary, then the new optimal routing paths and resulting lengths for the cords can be derived without a time delay. Adjustments are possible at any time and allow you to react to changes in your clients’ requests even shortly before the planned launch.