Reading circuit diagrams
is a thing of the past

Your circuit cabinet 4.0

Fully automated wire assembly

It doesn’t get easier

With our prefabricated and marked sequenced and rounded bundles, you can wire your machinery without any mistakes and cable waste and up to 80% faster.

We calculate the length of your cables using CAD routing, u ltrasonic compression, and crimping up to 16 mm2 – all fully automated.

80% time saving with WusTec

Zero mistakes, zero waste, zero tools

Guarantors for a successful and quick assembly

The era of reading tedious diagrams with many sources of error is over: On every wire, the start and end points are clearly marked. With our precision-cut cords, the amount of waste is reduced to zero - and thanks to the built-in assembly, no tools are needed.

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Digital rocks

Automation creates great potential

CAD models for circuits and cabinets create an integrated database, which serves as the foundation for all steps in building the control cabinet. With the aid of software, we input the lengths of the wires, determined through CAD routing from the control cabinet layouts and connection lists, into the fully automatic wire assembly machines.

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Compact copper

We will go with you through thick and thin

Changes in demand for high-performing applications continue to make our expertise for clients in equipment and circuit cabinet assembly increasingly more important. So not only in the field of electromobility are large cable cross sections increasingly in use, but their assembly also demands special technical possibilities. We compress cables up to 25 mm2 using a fully automated ultrasonic process. This creates a uniquely stable and metallurgically pure connection that ensures long-term contact resistance.

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